Electronic Book – The Errors of the Trinity – The Revelation of JESUS Christ




Lies of modern-day Christianity are exposed in a verse-by-verse exposition of scripture. Heresies that have been deemed as truth and held as sacred simply because men held ecumenical meetings centuries ago and decreed dogmas of doctrine are overturned by scriptural proof. Brother Beard’s latest book is not for the religiously content with the mentality of “Who Cares?” God is discussed in light of scripture that will rock a person’s status quo and put a new fire into one’s spirit concerning truth. What are the meanings of the terms “Son of God”, and “Son of man”? If JESUS Christ is the “Son of God”, then how can He be the “Son of man”? God, the Father is a Spirit as well as the Holy Ghost. Then how can God be a man and have a Son that is a human being of flesh and blood like you and me? All of these questions and more are answered as you receive enlightening revelation of the true God, while at the same time proving that God is not a Trinity.

Most books hold to the doctrine of the Trinity as the Gospel truth as one generation passes this heresy onto the next generation. This book not only questions the validity of a Trinity Godhead but exposes the errors which proves it as the greatest hoax in Christianity.

This book is a must-read for anyone desiring the truth of God concerning JESUS Christ and his true identity. This book is an ideal instrument in converting people from the demonic Trinity doctrine into the true One God Doctrine of JESUS Christ.

Author bio: Dennis A. Beard has preached for 30 years in denominational, inter-denominational, and non-denominational churches traveling throughout the USA receiving valuable first-hand experience concerning various pastoral revelations of JESUS Christ. It is his experience that he brings to the reader concerning the various doctrines as well as revelation truth in relation to JESUS Christ, our Savior.  Brother Beard is a singer/musician and is a worship leader as well. Before his ministry, he owned an insurance agency in the sales of equities, life, and medical insurance.

The most important thing about the book is the compelling scriptures disputing the Trinity doctrine. Brother Beard states that there has been a 90% conversion ratio from Trinity to Oneness doctrine after a person has read The Errors of the Trinity. “It is a great tool in converting from the Trinity doctrine into the truth of Oneness” declares Brother Beard. “I simply give them a copy of the book and wait for their response after they have read it.”


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